Acid Fume Extraction–

The fume exhaust system collects, scrubs, and vents Acidic fumes from the pre-treatment tanks. Pre-treatment rinse tanks are provided with Low profile Lip type exhaust hood suitable with appropriate number of branched pipe and flanges connecting the hood to the main suction manifold; sized adequately for desired capacity suiting process requirement and pollution norms.

The latter is attached to the jumbo enlarging duct that eventually be fixed to the Neutralizing unit, the Scrubber /packed tower through main ducting, branched ducting, conical connectors etc. After purifying and neutralizing the contaminated fumes they will be sucked in and exhausted up into the atmosphere through Chimney by the Centrifugal Blower.


• Optimised design for given application.

• All Components are made from corrosion resistant thermoplastic materials

• Lip type lateral ducting method for high efficiency suction

• Scrubbing the exhaust air prevents the release of aggressive and harmful vapours in to the environment.

• Vapours and gases are absorbed in the scrubbing liquid and returned to the circuit.

• Effective scrubbing and guaranteed compliance with emission limits

White Fume Extraction -

Lip Type Lateral Suction Ducting is envisaged for Galvanizing kettle area.

Exhaust fumes from said area are treated in the Pulse jet type (conventional filter bags) fabric filter, which contains adequate filter bags with a sufficient total filtration area. The bags are 100% Polyester Non-woven, Needle felt with PTFE treatment bags.

The proposed, Pulse-jet fabric filter is compact separator with filter bags that are cleaned automatically by compressed air pulses, and the ideal solution for filtration requirement. Purging takes place during the on-going filtration process. The raw gas enters the casing part of the filter body and is separated into clean gas and dust at the filter bags.

Filtration Phase – Blow tubes are installed above the filter bags, cleaning each row of filter bags separately with compressed air pulses. For this purpose, compressed air tanks with integrated diaphragm valves are installed at the end of the blow tubes. The diaphragm valves are operated by fully enclosed pilot solenoid valves. An electronic controlling device pilots the solenoid valves periodically.

The compressed air escaping from the storage reservoir is led into the filter bags via Blow tubes and Ventury injectors located directly above the filter bags. Due to the injector effect, the Compressed air pulse sweeps along secondary air from the clean gas section.

The minimum fabric filter efficiency for PM and metals will be greater than 99.4%. Dust collected in the hopper will be containerized and sent off site for disposal at an approved facility.

The unit is complete with flanged horizontal gas inlets, cloth filter bags, metal cages with ventures, plenum for installation and removal of bags and cages, a flanged gas outlet connection at the side and trough hopper, includes rotary discharge Valve.


- Equipped with the appropriate filter media

- Pre-assembled components for fast and low-cost installation

- Superior energy efficiency,

- low maintenance requirements

- Compact, solid construction

- Compliance with legal emission limits